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10% of Independent Live Music Venues Lost

UK loses over 10% of independent Live music venues

The UK Loses Over 10 Percent of Independent Live Music Venues In 2023

As the UK loses over 10% of independent Live music venues, let’s hope for the best in 2024, with the hope that it doesn’t surpass the challenges faced by the UK in 2023.

The performing arts and our population have suffered significant losses, affecting future gigs and emerging talented artists. Our cultural history is rapidly diminishing, especially considering that it has been over 60 years since the UK began labelling number one hits. On average, we have around 50’000 performing artists each year, contributing to the creation of numerous famous artists who have graced stages globally. Many of these artists started their journeys at independent venues.

As I write this, I reflect on the gravity of the situation. No words can try capture the ongoing true Story, but its important to acknowledge the venue owners who after decades of hard work, have lost their livelihoods in the pursuit of a passion they believe in. We owe it to those who tirelessly support independent arts by attending live gigs and to all artists globally who have found residency in the independent venues of the UK.

It’s staggering to comprehend the loss of ten venues every week in 2023, totalling 120 independent live music venues in a single year. The reality is undeniable, as reflected in online articles and local newspapers that bear witness to the demise of these cultural hubs.

A report by Mix Mag from the Music Venue Trust in September 2023 outlined a worst-case scenario that, unfortunately began to unfold rapidly. Venues were struggling to survive, and the doors of many closed for the last time, leaving a void in the live entertainment scene.

The economic crisis, coupled with landlords exhibiting behaviour akin to Marxism, has hit cities and towns across the UK. Three months after the report, fears within the industry materialised as the UK lost over 10% of live music venues, surpassing earlier predictions.

Stop Mag Fuel The MusicRather than playing the blame game and pointing fingers at the government, the upper echelons
of the music industry, or wealthy landlords, it might be more beneficial to leverage the technology at our disposal. Utilising social media to raise awareness and rallying in numbers to support independent venues could make a significant impact. While I acknowledge the limitations of such actions, I believe it’s a step in the right direction.

I don’t claim to have a magic wand or genie with three wishes but envisioning a fair society for all remains my ultimate desire.

It’s crucial to recognise the influential voices of well known artists who now grace large arenas and headline major festivals. Many of these artists likely started their careers in independent venues that are now struggling or have closed. A pertinent question arises: “What are your thoughts as you witness the dismantling of our independent industry?”

During this aftermath, the voices of well-known artists have been relatively quiet. Perhaps there is a lack of awareness, or the days of being struggling artists are distant memories.

Regardless, the industry is not seeking handouts; it merely asks for support and a vocal call to action. Well-known artists and labels could share their stories of the venues that supported their journeys, emphasising the importance of preserving the independent arts scene for future artists who deserve similar opportunities. If we genuinely care, each of us can play a part in preserving our cultural heritage and supporting the independent arts scene.

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