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Artists Seeking Artists Launched

FTM Artists-Seeking-Artists

Artists Seeking Artists

We are laying the foundations for FTM using traditional techniques, building a global network of artists who can connect and create together.

This forms the FTM family, offering support, sharing advice, and exchanging information on venues and hotspots.

By collaborating, we can organize shows, share promoter contacts, and create a domino effect of gigs across towns and cities.

Together, we form a valuable database of knowledge, providing insights and support for navigating our careers. FTM is a movement of like-minded creatives who understand and uplift each other’s endeavors.

We have created specific and private social channels for Artists to engage with Artists. If you are an Artist, you can request access by following us on the following links.

Performance Opportunities

Curating and organising showcases, festivals, and events tailored to highlight the talent of independent artists.

The FTM platform provides opportunities for exposure, connecting artists with diverse audiences. We strive to create a platform where the best unsigned artists worldwide can showcase their art and are compensated for their performances.

We actively seek funding to support artists in pursuing their chosen artistic endeavours.

Read about the FTM Festival in Partnership with Camden Town Brewery here >

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