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Cash For Gold

Genre | Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hailing from London, UK, Cash for Gold emerged in the city’s pub gig scene playing covers from the likes of Iggy Pop, The Doors and Tom Petty.

As their creative songwriting juices took hold, they developed a sound and released their first single “Jonestown” in November 2019, in hommage to, and as disciples of, The Brian Jonestown Massacre band.

As coronavirus shutdown the UK in 2020, the band remotely recorded, produced and released their “No Plans” EP as an uplifting and pertinent reflection of the times, aiming to instil hope and positivity.

Their latest EP “The Kicks” dropped in October 2020, continuing the cause. The chalice of alt-rock’n’roll blues lives right here.

The Band

Harry Buggé – Lead vocals
Tommy Cooper – Rhythm guitar
George Thorpe – Drums
Harry Legge – Lead guitar

Inspired By

Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Pish
The Cure – Fire in Cairo


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