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FTM Supports VISA-Free EU Travel For artists

VISA free travel Fuel The Music

Recent changes make touring within the EU nearly impossible and out of reach for most grass-roots musicians. #MUSICINEU

The threat of higher costs for travel, and the mountains of paperwork required as a result of recent changes will make touring within the EU nearly impossible and out of reach for most grass-roots musicians.

The curtain has come down between the UK and Europe, shutting down the chances for less established musicians to perform outside of the UK and share their art.

Without these valuable performance opportunities, aspiring artists won’t gain experience of playing in front of different audiences or encounter other cultures, which is crucial for their development.

Different scenes present more opportunities. Musicians can play in their own domain for as long as they need to establish themselves, but there is only so much growth that can be achieved without external influence. As a result it is crucial for them to break out and step beyond their comfort zones in order to get to the next level.

Easy access to performing throughout Europe is a luxury that’s been afforded to musicians since the ’60’s, giving generations gone-by the growth opportunities that they needed to realise their true potential.


Touring takes musicians to different levels, giving them a newfound belief in who they are.

Touring changes perspectives, opening up access to different cultures which can only enhance the imagination. It gives artists new experiences, opens minds which helps them to mature, develop and build on their sound – otherwise it is all too easy to get stuck in an echo chamber.

This movement and intertwining of people allows creativity to help drive change and evolution in society. The Performing Arts have always been this way and, for decades, people have had the freedom to share their art freely.

Taking away the opportunity for accessible touring at grassroots level will shatter the dreams of this generation’s rising stars.

  • Let’s ensure that musicians can share their music freely within the UK & EU.
  • Let’s help them become more powerful and more confident.
  • Let’s give them the opportunities to become better musicians and prove how good they really can be.
  • Let’s learn from the open doors of the past that gave rise to the UK being the global powerhouse of music.

Support free movement of musicians in the EU.
Don’t stop them in their tracks.
Help them make more.


Fuel The Music Join The Revolution