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“The revolution is now….”

Introducing: Fuel The Music – the musical revolution about to hand the arts back to the artists and venue owners.

The team behind London’s hugely popular music hub Off The Cuff have today announced the launch of their latest project, Fuel The Music, and it’s set to revolutionise the music industry UK wide & beyond with its innovative outlook & overall mission of handing the arts back to the people.. Making it truly once and for all – The People’s Music.

Fuel The Music has been 7 years in the making, with small parts being uncovered here and there.. But now the full project has finally been unveiled; and it was well worth the wait.

Peoples Music Alliance

The revolutionary new Fuel The Music (FTM) platform is designed to support unsigned artists and all the people who use their myriad talents to create, produce & distribute music. Uniting a community of like-minded individuals who want to change the system and give the power back to the people who love music the most: YOU!

The team have so much more in store for you all than just the platform itself, they’ve got big things in the pipeline such as magazines, festivals, FTM uncovered performances, BandBNB, tour support, FTM beer, the FTM music channel and, of course, the People’s Music Alliance joint venture platform! They are truly about to take you on a ride that will save & secure live music throughout the UK now and far into the future.

The proposed People’s Music Alliance will be built on memberships, with members of the industry & beyond coming together to give the music venues back to those who love the arts most. This statement from the team perfectly sums up their incredibly exciting plans for the PMA:

“Our goal is to give stability back to the proprietors of music venues & their teams. These efforts will give music lovers the opportunity to safeguard their buildings now and well into the future. For too long, major music institutions, alongside landlords, have dictated whether we stay or whether we go solely motivated by financial gain. Why is it that someone who can afford exorbitant rent is the person who determines which artists get to play at our venues, which genres dominate the charts, how much money trickles down to the very foundations of live music and which venues will survive without outside support?

The People’s Music will bring back the very essence of what we know is the honest & credible side of the industry that seems to have somehow been lost and replace it with new foundations, making it so that this incredible imbalance cannot occur again.”

The People’s Music will reduce overall rents by 25%, giving proprietors the option to buy their own venues; they plan to stipulate in their contracts that the only possible way to sell a building is to return it back to The People’s Music. If an owner decides to move on, they will then offer new tenants longer leases, making a pledge that the status will never deviate its use from being a live music venue.



The team plan to achieve this by bringing in outside members to come together to fund the project – those involved will have:

  • Shared ownership of any live music venue purchased
  • Opportunity to partake in surveys to gain insight into how money is distributed
  • Attend annual gathering of PMA members not just to say thank you, but to brainstorm and share ideas on how you all can grow and who needs your support the most – also opportunity to get merry together and invite live bands to perfor, further showing how the People’s Music immediately impacts artists
  • Quarterly newsletter updates with financial review on all projects
  • Open think tanks for members to offer their ideas
  • Free membership to the revolutionary Fuel The Music (FTM) platform – Music lovers get access to the upcoming app & lifetime membership to the FTM platform, as well as an invite to the first ever FTM festival – Artists get access to the app, lifetime FTM membership & first opportunity to apply for tour funding & individual music projects
  • Guarantee that our venues will remain music venues Indefinitely – otherwise, the founders pledge to come back and haunt anyone who tries to sell them onto the corporate massive
    & MUCH more

They’re also looking to create new venues in areas that are lacking in music & offer further support to refurbish said venues. This is a Fuel The Music creation. Powered by the people who believe in the future of grass roots music.

Off The Cuff venues aim to collaborate with like minded venues and offer the majority of gig dates to unsigned artists across the UK and, with time, globally.

You can find more information on all of the above, by registering to the Peoples Music Alliance and get the teams full plans for this incredible industry movement by viewing their proposal deck in the quick  ‘Register Now’ link below.

Membership packs will be sent out to all that sign up on the 9th of June; however all information for now is featured in the above link.

“You are the people who will strengthen the foundations of music & support our communities through music!”

The People’s Music is everyone:

For all press enquiries, please contact:

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