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Fuel The Music Uncovered

Fuel The Music Uncovered

Where better to start than from the heart.

FTM is launching with ‘FTM Uncovered’ – doing exactly what it says on the tin.

FTM Uncovered is dedicated to showcasing a series of exclusive, live-recorded sessions of hand-picked, unsigned artists.

FTM Uncovered’s raw-but-visually-arresting backdrop of the third railway arch gives musicians the platform to ‘give it all of they’ve got’ – whether solo artists or bands spanning all genres – they deliver digital musical experiences which capture the energy of these rising stars.

With a nod of the head to the pioneering platform for the original rock and roll stars (the ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’), the FTM in-house production crew produce professionally mastered audio and wonderfully shot 4k video, which bottle the essence of the live performance perfectly – vibing from the small and socially-distanced audience made up of FTM Members and music industry professionals. (You could almost be in the arch with them!)


FTM Uncovered artists leave with professionally made digital assets for free.

As an FTM member, you have the opportunity to enjoy these exclusive, intimate performances which are guaranteed to deliver that ‘tingle factor’ and make your hairs stand up on end.

FTM is uncovering talent and a little bit more – get up close and personal with some of the bands in the exclusive FTM Uncovered interviews which follow each live-recorded session hosted by FTM’s very own Lily Burton and Bob G. (You’ll have to sign up for free FTM membership if you want to hear the full interviews!)

FTM Uncovered is championing the best of UK’s unsigned artists with a focus on generating mass exposure, growing the digital audience and worldwide community.

Launching in January 2021 with a series of performances, the aim is to create the largest community of mutually engaged unsigned artists leveraging the community’s collective strengths and talents to shift the landscape.

We’re closing the loop on the music industry – it’s time to give back.

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