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Sabrina Kennedy

Genre | Dark Pop

Sabrina Kennedy’s anthemic ‘Hold Tight’ was heard on ITV’s Love Island and TOWIE this year.

The track epitomises her style: big-hitting songs, dark undercurrents and showstopping vocals.

Her new song ‘The Other Side’ weaves more emotion-heavy songwriting with themes of the supernatural, the pagan power of womanhood, and communion with animal spirits.
The track’s video features Sabrina and Ruby, a 12-foot python. Kennedy says: ‘The serpent symbolizes birth and regrowth with the shedding of its skin. I also took inspiration from Adam and Eve.‘

If the dramatic comes naturally to Sabrina, that’s because her life reads like a novel already. Born of Bajan and American heritage, she was adopted in infancy and raised near Salem, Massachusetts. She starred on MTV’s ’Real World’, and met her birth mother for the first time in front of millions of TV viewers.

She moved to London in 2019 to record ‘Hold Tight’, and a stunning set of new songs followed. She has formed a live band to deliver her powerful songs with the force they deserve.

Kennedy is a real singer, with the voice and passion to reach the back row. Citing role models in Cher and Stevie Nicks, she says: ‘I’m a rock star not a pop star’.


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