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Fuel The Music ‘Mini Hubs’

Fuel The Music Mini Hubs

Fuel The Music (FTM) spans the digital and physical worlds.

In the physical world, we’re working on delivering our promise to support musicians by helping them to be self-sustainable via paid opportunities as music educators.

FTM has its sights set on spreading happiness and making fundamental changes in society through music education.

We’ve all read about the far-reaching impact of Covid-19 on mental health and for many of us, it’s a subject that’s close to home. The societal and psychological impacts of Covid-19 have emphasized the need for greater emotional and pastoral support for young people, and have highlighted the value in providing them with the opportunities to develop skills for life. Government cuts for the provision of community support and activities for youth and people with mental health issues, have left gaping holes in society and the after-effect will be felt well into the next decade.

Fuel The Music Join The Revolution

Music as a Healer

FTM is in the process of setting up a programme of mini-hubs designed to empower young, disadvantaged children by helping to develop musical talent, and plugging the gaps for support for UK youth, whilst enabling talented musicians to be self-sustainable, and helping them to recover from the heavy financial impact of covid-19.

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Making Music Viable Again!

Our mini-hubs will deliver a timetable of free music tuition – instrumental and vocal lessons, training in sound engineering, music production and videography – to disadvantaged youth, and people who are struggling with their mental well-being, simultaneously offering employment to FTM member-musicians by giving them the paid work as teachers and mentors.

A virtuous circle. 

We’ll be working with partners to provide training and upskilling to musicians who are interested in joining the programme as teachers, but have no previous experience. (Safety, safe-guarding and Covid-compliancy are non-negotiable for us, so this will be embedded in all of our policies and training.)
Initially serving South London, FTM aspires to open up more hubs within London, the UK and the vision is to eventually open up and connect around the world.

How Are We Funding This?

We’re recycling a portion of FTM membership subscriptions and pledges and we’re currently in the process of applying to the Arts Council for funding to help deliver this nationwide programme, but also looking for funding from the wider music industry and seeking potential partnership opportunities.

If you are a musician, with or without prior teaching experience, or know someone who is, and would like to get involved, please email

If you are an educator, youth club, or someone who works with young people aged 14 – 21 and are interested in discussing how FTM might benefit youth in your area, please email

If you are a young person, or are struggling with your mental well-being and love music, and like the sound of what the FTM mini-hubs offer, please email us and tell us why, and how you think FTM could help you:

Changing the world, one beat at a time!