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LIVE Video Exclusive to Fuel The Music



LIVE Video Exclusive to Fuel The Music



LIVE Video Exclusive to Fuel The Music


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Isaac Stuart

Singer / Songwriter


Dark Pop


Alternative Rock

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ARTIST: Francis Lion

TRACK: War Paint

ARTIST: Cash For Gold

TRACK: East End Rock 'n' Roll

ARTIST: The Fractured

TRACK: Desert Hymn

ARTIST: Jargon Jams

TRACK: Mad Man

ARTIST: Sabrina Kennedy

TRACK: Puritan

ARTIST: The Delta Sound

TRACK: If You Found Love

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Fuel The Music Testimonials

Fuel The Music is a rare and exciting opportunity for up and coming musicians.

The simple days where singer songwriters and bands could solely focus on their true craft are sadly over. For example the need for musicians to now project a strong brand from day one and have a keen understanding of marketing and business is arguably of equal importance.

Due to the extreme challenges that the music industry has faced in recent years, record companies have had far more to lose and this is why the requirements of musicians and artists are a lot higher. Pre-established popularity must now be demonstrated at a much earlier stage.

This is why a leg up can be so important for budding musicians and Fuel The Music will be a great way to assist people with networking and provide them with a platform to start boosting their popularity.

I’ve worked on and off at Off The Cuff since it first opened and I keep coming back because it’s Essence I’ve felt has always stayed the same. It’s always been a place for the community where people from all walks of life feel welcome. Being a musician I am of course deeply drawn to that aspect and what’s great is seeing how that side of things has become more and more of a passion for Tony.

Fuel The Music is Tony’s chance to keep exploring that avenue further

Solomon Marshall
Music Producer
Sam Wilkinson Fuel The Music

“My first gigs were on pavements at local street festivals in South London. Off The Cuff was my first proper music venue with a packed audience. A year later, I won The Voice Kids and played at the Royal Albert Hall and the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, adventures made possible by the confidence and experience that I got from playing at Off The Cuff. It’s a great venue. People who love music know that we need Off The Cuff to keep fuelling the music for the years ahead.”

Sam Wilkinson
Singer Songwriter
Fuel The Music Testimonials

Fuel the music has helped so many people from all over the world be able to connect through music and pursue their passion. The space available for musicians is a warm and friendly environment making sure they have everything they need in terms of equipment and hospitality. The main goal being to give musicians a comfortable space, allowing them to fully submerge into their music & art letting their creativity truly flourish. I think this is a great movement and has and will continue to help a lot of people from all different paths.

Arushi Sandhu
Fuel The Music Testimonials

FTM will change the future of our music around the world....... giving people enlightenment through music. Music is the food of our souls, it keeps us optimistic, gets you going, has healing energies and uplifts the soul...... gives you peace and happiness. Being a part of FTM, certainly for me is something that feeds my soul and will continue to grow in positive vibes across the world.

Rakhee Sandhu

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FTM supports VISA-free travel for artists within the EU

In the physical world, we’re working on delivering our promise to support musicians by helping them to be self-sustainable via paid opportunities as music educators
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In the physical world, we’re working on delivering our promise to support musicians by helping them to be self-sustainable via paid opportunities as music educators